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Mark Webber with Kai-Christian Helms
Mark Webber with the Casio Edifice
Mark Webber with Kai-Christian Helms
Mark Webber

What We Do

We are often asked, 'how did PRISM become so successful?' While we would rather let the success we have created for our clients speak for us, sometimes we simply have to answer this question. It really comes down to three key attributes all PRISMatics must have:

  1. Competitive - We love to win. We want our clients and their projects to be the best, year in and year out. To do that it means we have to push ourselves and our clients beyond today's comfort zones. We have to continually improve our individual skills and our team's performance. Our attitude is that we want our clients to win today and tomorrow.
  2. Collaborative - It's all about working together as a team. Client and agency, agency "A" and agency "B" and so on and on. We were one of the first to adopt this attitude back when many groups where saying "We can't work with them, they belong to XXX". So it's particularly gratifying to see so many coming to the collaboration space PRISM has occupied for so long.
  3. Creative - We innovate to improve our client's efficiency and effectiveness. Look at the diverse activities we engage in on behalf of our clients: The Olympics; NASCAR; Champions League Football; Formula One; The FIFA World Cup; Marathon Running; Adventure Sports; International Tennis; Golf and The National Football League to name a few. We learn from each activity we are in to build richer, more vibrant campaigns for clients. This keeps PRISM at the forefront of this ever expanding industry.

The bottom line is that we use our vast client and activity experience to shape successful solutions to our client's problems. We like to call it Intelligent Activation because no great strategy was ever successful without an equally great execution.