Client Challenge:  Infiniti's partnership with Infiniti Red Bull Racing is more than just a sticker on the side of an F1 car. Infiniti wanted to increase awareness and build upon this technical collaboration, highlighting the link between its luxury performance vehicles and the F1 team.

To showcase the growing partnership between Infiniti and Infiniti Red Bull Racing and to generate global media coverage, PRISM devised a technical programme to engage a new generation of engineering talent, the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy.

As Infiniti has a very strong association with F1 through Infiniti Red Bull Racing, the programme would centre on the two branches of Infiniti, and focus on growth, key values and have a strong focus on the future.

Key objectives were to engage and identify with the next generation of engineering talent, bring more attention to Infiniti's core values, brand DNA and focus on the future and offer opportunities to engage with both internal and external car communities and develop strong relationships with universities and colleges. 

A key imperative is the potential to be leveraged over the long term as awareness builds, to visibly develop people, processes and technologies and reinforce the technical partnership between Infiniti and Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

PRISM Solution: The brief was all encompassing and long term, which meant that planning was paramount. The challenge was to ensure continuity within the numerous events and sustain media attention over an extended period of time.

PRISM's solution was to create a content-rich campaign, tapping into the team's assets in event management and public relations. With various teams and PRISM offices involved in the roll out, the competition was announced in August 2013. Applications received from March 2014. PRISM, Infiniti Motor Company and Infiniti Red Bull Racing then collaborated to conduct the selection process.

The ambitious campaign is aimed at a global audience. The launch in Australia was followed by a final in the UK, with a selection of 12 finalists from across the world, aided by partnership PRISM made with an external recruitment agency). The final event was held during the British Grand Prix in July 2014.

The selection involved an initial online application, Skype interviews and then Infiniti team filters, with the candidates all going through a certified recruitment agency.

The final 12 were then asked to face a series of challenges over three days, which included practical design tasks, written exams, interviews and group exercises designed to test technical ability, teamwork and performance.

They were tested by Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Infiniti Motor Company executives, and met four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. Three applicants were the lucky winners of this programme - securing a full salary, year-long contract within the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team, accommodation and an Infiniti vehicle to use during that period.

Results: Hugely positive feedback from media who attended the events and covered the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy programme proved it hit a core.

With help from sponsors in each country, PRISM led the programme rollout with great success eventually finding three highly talented emerging engineering talents who would work within Infiniti Red Bull Racing on a year long contract.

Media engagement panned a wide array of print and online media, with universities also recording a high interest in the topic. The campaign reached an estimated online audience of 150 million, 80,000 tracked online mentions and over 100 in-depth online news features. The programme is set to repeat in 2015 and 2016.