Client Challenge: As a partner of the Red Bull Racing Team, Casio make a number of limited edition Edifice watch models with a Formula One flavour. For the launch of the latest Edifice, they wanted a different approach to capture a significant share of voice.

To achieve a significant share of voice within the Formula One paddock it means competing with all the other brands and partners who have something to say. The rewards of a traditional press conference launch were diminishing so a different approach was needed to boost media appeal, as well as implementing an idea that complemented to stylish, luxurious vibe of the Monaco Grand Prix where the launch was to happen.

PRISM Solution: PRISM injected fresh flavour into Casio’s watch launches within the Formula One paddock, shying away from the traditional press conference and instead utilising one of Monaco’s most recognisable and desirable assets – its harbour.

The watch was launched by a presentation of the very first produced model to Mark Webber aboard one of Red Bull’s VanDutch boats in the middle of the harbour.

PRISM’s motorsport and media relationships shone: access to the boat and Red Bull’s Energy Station was negotiated, influential media were invited aboard and given interviews with Mark whilst in the boat, a second boat was filled with photographers, and TV rights were secured with Formula One Management to film the event.

Back on dry land, another photocall was arranged for the mass media, and 160 of the world’s media attended this, sending coverage of the event globally.






Results: On Wednesday 23 May, just before the Monaco Grand Prix, five key media including German broadcaster RTL were given an exclusive opportunity with Mark Webber. Fourteen international photographers documented the launch from the second boat and an unique photo story was syndicated globally to over 3000 media outlets.

A three minute film of the event was also produced and sent to the same global media, whilst B-Roll footage was developed and distributed to 100 global TV broadcasters

This was first time a Casio launch had been held in the middle of the Monaco harbour, and the event secured global coverage and gained a significant share of media and paddock talk on the eve of the most prestigious race on the calendar.