Client Challenge: Shell’s global research states motorists who are aware of Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari are more likely to buy Shell fuel and oil products.

The PR goal set for 2010 was to increase awareness of Shell’s partnership with Ferrari by communicating their “track to road” technology products, such as V-Power fuel and Helix oil. A target of 50 million global motorsport fans was set. As consumers of fuel and oil products, motorsport fans take a more technical interest in the sport. 


PRISM Solution: Team sponsors recognise that producing credible material and receiving pick up from broadcasters ahead of a race weekend is a challenging task.

PRISM’s PR strategy was to create a 30-minute HD documentary, 'The Power and the Passion', that highlights the heart of Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari.

The refuelling ban in 2010 also meant that Ferrari needed Shell’s expertise more than ever. The narrative explored why the partnership was one of the most successful in motorsport, and how it worked to deliver a competitive advantage to the Ferrari team.

The production plan was to create a series of nine, five minute video news releases (VNR) from the documentary footage. These were to be distributed throughout the 2010 season as Formula One race stories, credibly featuring Shell’s role and messaging, while still delivering insights and quotes sought after by broadcasters.




Results: With an initial investment of $750,000, Shell’s VNRs and documentary reached 97 million viewers over multiple broadcast channels across 62 countries. Crucially Shell’s products and messaging was at the centre of every story.

An international standard evaluation technique based on a Shell ad buying rate for advertising (minimum 60% lower than rate card value) was used to measure the PR value of the campaign. This showed that the VNR and “The Power and the Passion” documentary broadcast achieved a value of $51.3 million. This figure, which excluded the 800 online broadcasts as they could not be effectively valued, still represented a ROI of 73:1. Significantly this broadcast PR strategy also kept Shell in the public eye throughout the Formula One off-season.