Our Approach

Intelligent Activation is the PRISM difference, forged by our relentless focus on brands. We act with speed and excellence. The product of thinking differently, Intelligent Activation drives brand innovation. It inspires making rich content central to every PRISM project and has led to an unrivalled track record for great content.


Content Fuels Engagement

Content is crucial for brands. Great content engages and enthuses. Great content prompts reactions, interactions and sharing. Great content helps a brand’s voice to be heard. No more hard sell. No more interruption. Now it's engage, converse and sustain.

Start the conversation and you could end up with a relationship that lasts for life. Content is the fuel for that engagement.


Making Content Global

PRISM’s in-house Global Content Network is a 24-hour content provider. It unites talents in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia working across time zones to create, engage and amplify brand voices.

Specialists in brand journalism, filmmaking and the digital arts collaborate with social media, public relations and marketing communications experts. The results for clients are high quality digital campaigns populated with rich, visual creative content and great storytelling.

Our work, from the world's Formula One circuits, football stadiums and global motor shows, sparks collaborations with blue chip consumer brands and delivers the global reach they depend on.

Download our Global Content Network Infographic here


Content Means Business

Content isn't just creativity. It's business. Beyond our own Global Content Network, PRISM has proven experience in creating dedicated content teams. We deploy multi-disciplined teams around the world for clients.

We've done it for clients wishing to amplify a major sporting event like the Rabobank Hockey World Cup. And we've done it for clients like Ford Motor Company who put content at the centre of their communications strategy for the long run.