FIFA World Cup 2018: The battle of the eyeballs

The 2018 FIFA World Cup launches this afternoon. Capturing the imagination of many a nation, with approximately half of the world’s population expected to tune in at some point during the tournament.

The fight is on to capture the UK’s segment of that market, and to that end both the BBC and ITV have presented a promotional video, a pitch if you will, calling for your attention this summer – it’s the battle of the eyeballs!

By the time England’s ‘finest’ take the Volgograd pitch on Monday, all cynicism will have fallen to the wayside, hopes will be raised – might The Three Lions be a dark horse?

But for the majority who are not lucky, or perhaps brave enough to watch in Russia, there is a second team to choose from this pool of two.

This decision may well make or break how much we enjoy the tournament. Which outlet do we trust to feed out excitement?

Each broadcaster comes with its own indomitable style, its own carefully selected team of pundits and presenters, ready to flesh out and contextualise every moment.

These promos offer us a glimpse into how each channel is going to package their offering. Subliminally asking, what kind of fan are you?

let’s take a look:


ITV – Forget – Watch Here




ITV call on us to forget what’s gone before and live in the now. The opening frame lays this message down by literally painting over the past, before the film takes off building to a frenetic pace.

Chopping between multiple animations and scenes with an aggressive voice over gives a punchy, disruptive, blood pumping vibe – you’re going on a ride!

ITV are going modern, they have observed the recent state of hopeless apathy towards the England team, opting to turn the narrative it on its head.

ITV want to reinvent and re-launch the way we perceive the World Cup, are you with them?


BBC – The Tapestry – Watch Here



The BBC have gone in the opposite direction, embracing the moments that thread together to create a tapestry representing the rich history of the FIFA World Cup.

A Russian feel comes from Soviet-era styling and music inspired by a traditional Russian folk song – Ochi Cheryne.

What’s more 600 unique frames were physically woven in the creation of this trailer. The Beeb weren’t about to half arse this one!

At the climax their tagline is revealed – History will be made. Tying in nicely with the Tapestry concept, bringing us back to the present. Classy and nostalgic is the BBC’s vibe.



Who are you watching?

So, there we have it, the future focused pragmatists vs the hopeless romantics. Who will you be tuning in with this summer?

June 14, 2018