One thing content producers never quite get right

This is a post from PRISM’s Social Army – regular short briefings on topics aligned to our business or close to our hearts. Today’s entry is from PRISM London’s Ollie Salman.


One thing only? I’m certain there are loads of things that content producers could improve upon, it depends on so many factors. But here are a couple of things I like to remember when it comes to creating content.


Clients love to pile on the pressure. We want original and we want it now. But that’s also great because ultimately their deadline is there to help you.

Recently I met a couple of creative directors who work on a high profile sports broadcast account. They said the longer you have to think about a brief, the more time you have to doubt the idea you come up with. It’s true. How many times have you presented an idea to the account team on a Friday and by Monday you’re all starting to have doubts? Initially, we all loved the idea. But then the weekend happened, along with real life, and we all started to kick the idea to pieces in our minds. By Monday it’s stale, so everyone starts to think it isn’t right. But that’s because you’ve all seen it already. The client hasn’t. Don’t dwell. Go with your gut, present it, get it made.


The right team is paramount. In the film Team America, Spottswoode wanted Gary Johnston in his counter-terrorism squad because he knew he could act. He had a feeling that Gary’s talent would shine through and wring the ultimate victory. As a content producer, you’re Spottswoode. Too many content producers are yet to find their Gary. Surround yourself with talented Garys – people (illustrators, writers, photographers, directors) who have the requisite skills to realise the full potential of your ideas. We’re spoiled for choice in PRISM’s Global Content Network because we’ve already come from these backgrounds and therefore bring a variety of experience and proven content-making ability to the table. Yes, content production is trial and error, but as you develop more, you’ll begin to know who it is that you work best with and who can consistently deliver under pressure. You might have the best idea ever, but it’s nothing if it’s executed poorly. . Make sure to grab a Gary.

Ollie Salman 

October 19, 2017