Prism designer named top talent at creative pool

PRISM London’s Creative Designer Annalisa Milano has been named one of Creative Pool’s top 25 talents of its Digital Creative Teams. She’s also in the top 25 of the site’s list of Advertising Creative Teams.

Creativepool is a digital network for agencies, brands and individuals to showcase what they do, connect with each other, collect inspiration, hire or get hired. Its members, from designers to journalists to creative directors, upload their work, where it can be viewed and shared by other creatives who use the site.

It also posts regular features on the week’s best ads and interviews with C-level industry leads. It’s a great site with loads of inspiration for anyone who works in a creative field -and that’s everyone at PRISM.

We checked in with Annalisa and asked what she’d enjoyed most at PRISM since joining the London office at the start of April.

“I deeply enjoy any project that involves creativity,” she said. “Especially if photo-retouching is involved. I like to embellish reality and make things look different, make a brand stand out of the crowd and highlight the product. It’s cheesy, but that’s the reason I moved from product and industrial design to graphic and digital design.”

Annalisa says she’s an ardent follower of creative advertising. “I’m an advert-addict so creating something that people will notice and then remember is the thing that pushes me the most. There is no advert in the tube that I ignore; everything gets analysed.”

Annalisa says the best thing about working at PRISM is (naturally) the fabulous people. “They’re multicultural, young and fun, and the fact that I wake up in the morning and I know I’ll work on something different every day – that’s great. New challenges push me a lot (in a good way).”

Check out Annalisa’s Creative Pool page here to see past work and track future projects, and sign up to the site here.

October 8, 2017