Three months into a sports marketing career

This is a post from PRISM’s Social Army – regular briefings on topics aligned to our business or close to our hearts. Today’s entry is from Silke Sikkema from PRISM’s Amsterdam office.

The start of a new year – a perfect time to look back on the first three months of being an official PRISMatic.

A year ago, at beginning of 2016, I started my thesis, combined with an internship at PRISM. It was my first experience with an international sports marketing agency. During my internship I really learned a lot. With my graduation in the near future I was soon convinced that working in this business would be the ideal next step in my career. Well, in June they brought me great news: “Congratulations, we want you to come and work for us.”

I started in September and each day has flown by… But what does it mean to be an employee of PRISM and what kind of work environment does PRISM offer?

The People
All PRISM colleagues share a huge passion for sports and it is striking that they feel at home everywhere. My colleagues have a broad horizon. Everyone has their own story, vision and expertise. Their unique stories offer me the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. Their answers are sincere and they are always willing to answer my questions with enthusiasm.

All of us work very hard to achieve PRISM’s business goals and it’s notable how high morale is, even when we’re working at maximum strength. Monitoring the news closely gives us the chance to see what is happening around the world and allows us to act quickly when we spot developments in the world of sports or sponsorship that we can weave into our business.

The Work
My work has a lot of variety and is always pretty dynamic. PRISM has high standards and there is a lot to the business and culture. We’re also all given a lot of responsibility and in the beginning I sometimes felt a bit insecure, but my colleagues and the work atmosphere helped me rise to the challenge.

PRISM is innovative and offers time for personal development. Innovation is one of the keywords and we are encouraged to work out or own initiatives. Moreover, PRISM empowers its employees to be committed to the organization and makes employees feel their contribution is highly valued.

Three months have passed. I have learned so many things, gained a lot of experience and met many people. I can’t wait to jump into all the fascinating work that we will do for our clients in 2017. I’m going to push my limits and keep looking forward.

Silke Sikkema

October 27, 2017