W is for… WADA

It was a real shame that doping overshadowed much of the press leading up to this year’s games. Were the Russians going to be included, were they not? Week after week it seemed there was new evidence to suggest that they should and they shouldn’t. It was almost like watching a long rally at Wimbledon.

What seems consistent across all the reports is the difficulty that the governing bodies such as WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, face to stay on top of athletes’ misdemeanours. We’ve heard it before, but the dopers are ahead of the testers and it takes whistle-blowers to cast out those who are bringing the games into disrepute.

A solution needs to be found and it needs to be found soon. In the meantime, for those athletes who do insist on cheating with drugs, what about setting up a sporting event where you can only compete if you’re taking performance-enhancing substances? Surely that would get some views. Imagine how fast the quickest runner could go if he was up to his eye-balls on stimulants and steroids.

We’re by no means condoning the taking of these substances, but you can’t argue it would be an interesting spectacle. Unless WADA can get ahead of the drug cheats, that might be what future global competitions look like.

For now, we’re just pleased the doping story was outshined by stunning performances from all those athletes who chose to play it straight.


September 27, 2017