What makes Prism different from other places I have worked

This is a post from PRISM’s Social Army – regular briefings on topics aligned to our business or close to our hearts. Today’s entry is from Jet van Batenburg from PRISM Amsterdam.

I’m a lucky girl – I’ve had three jobs since university and all three have been pretty great. The first two were in Sydney, so, besides some obvious differences (like no longer having to wear sunscreen when I go out for coffee, not being able to go for an outdoor swim during lunch and never hearing the word ‘ta’ anymore) there are a couple things that absolutely stand out at PRISM Amsterdam:

I work with guys, now! My two previous jobs were both in the non-profit sector and, no kidding, it was 85-95% females in the 25-35 age bracket. From studying economics with mainly guys and being the coxswain for a men’s crew in college, to working in a team with 13 girls – that was a slight adjustment for me. I am pretty happy to be back in a mixed setting with less talk about make-up and more talk about football (and my ‘outstanding’ performance in the Fantasy Premier League competition).

I have worked on some amazing projects in my previous roles, but the scale of the typical charity event differs from the outstanding events that PRISM delivers. In my first month I was standing on the beach in Scheveningen (cold!) watching 2.6 million litres of water being pumped into a man-made lake where, later that month, almost 10,000 kids sailed, SUP’ed, surfed, canoed and water-skied at the Optimist on Tour part of the Olympic Experience (it’s pictured above). In October, TCS invited 5000 guests to its hospitality area in the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon where they received a VIP experience in a 2000-metre-squared tent. Delivering this amazing project was definitely the highlight of my career so far.

Yes, working with mainly women in the past I thought I had my fair share of ‘morning teas’, but I’ve never eaten as much cake as in the past six months here at PRISM. Usually when someone leaves their computer unlocked they have to buy everyone else cake, but in the last month we have had to stop this ‘punishment’ as no one could fit in their New Year’s outfits anymore. I’m sure we will get back into this great habit soon, or, if not, we still have birthdays, anniversaries, promotions… and Fridays. It’s a good thing we all have a slight obsession with sports.

‘Work hard, play hard’ is such a cliché, but as I mainly talk in clichés according to my colleagues I feel like I need to use at least one in this blog. Each and every one of my colleagues knows how to go to extreme lengths to get high-quality projects delivered in short time frames, but they also know how to celebrate with the team once the job is done.

Add to this great clients and projects, Dutch directness, cheesy (read: terrible) humour, and group CrossFit sessions and you have the reasons I love walking into our office every day.

Jet van Batenburg

October 31, 2017