Where would I open a new Prism office?

This is a post from PRISM’s Social Army – regular short briefings on topics aligned to our business or close to our hearts. Today’s entry is from PRISM London’s Laura Garriga 

PRISM has offices from Shanghai to Santa Monica, but if I was handed the chance to open a new office anywhere, I’d pick New York, the land of opportunity.

Manhattan, the small island with a big reputation, is home to the headquarters of the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS, a perfect example why this city still is and, in my opinion, always will be a trend setter in the sport industry.

After living in New York for five months in the summer of 2010, I fell in love with its competitive nature and opportunity-seeking environment.

The city reminds you of sports everywhere you look, whether it be Madison Square Garden or a basketball court in Queens, people are constantly reminded that New Yorkers love sports and will continue to do so.

With names like the New York Giants, Nets, Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers and Liberty, I would love to see PRISM take a nice bite of this big apple and tap into the endless New York sporting spirit.

Laura Garriga

October 22, 2017