X is for… X-rated

Streaking. An act, in complete undress and usually at full sprint, that can be considered humorous or annoying, depending on how easily titillated, or indeed bummed out, the watcher is. While it can be liberating for the streaker, it’s certainly no free and easy matter at the biggest event in sport.

In London at 2012, there was controversy when a streaker jumped the rope to interrupt the torch relay. But, what’s more staggering is the fine that goes with the indecent activity. Reports suggest is was up to £20,000 (€23,170, $26,250) during the London games.

This figure wasn’t plucked from the air to stop drunkards and their danglies taking away too much sand from the long jump pit, it’s an effort to discourage any thoughts of ‘ambush marketing’. Olympic sponsorship rights are enforced with an iron legal fist, so don’t think gracing the field with a brand’s logo painted across nature’s own bouncing billboards will escape punishment.

Should the penalty for birthday-suit-buffoonery really be this harsh? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.



September 28, 2017