Employee Of The Month

Employee Of The Month


INFINITI challenged Prism S+E to develop an innovative and exciting content execution to drive awareness of the Technical Partnership with the Renault F1 Team, engage global audiences / regional markets and portray a more relaxed brand persona. The concept of ‘Employee of the Month’ saw Renault F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo vying to become INFINITI Employee of the Month through a series of challenges in a scripted comedy. The project was strategically developed to offer a broad selection of social assets (hero/hub/hygiene) to ensure continuity of narrative as well as strong intrigue through a multi-platform teaser campaign. The film was produced, written, directed, and edited by our in-house team. All of which was captured with a minimal budget over the course of a single days shoot.

The targeted social approach landed across channels with a ‘bang’ with INFINITI offering the perfect platform to showcase Daniels engaging personality, humour and F1 mindset. It became the first piece of INFINITI brand content to secure 100% global engagement, the brands highest performing content piece across owned channels and was subsequently nominated for the 2020 ‘Creative Content Award’ by Sports industry Group.





When the season was put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis, markets were unable to fully leverage the content. However, the video has drawn more than 2million organic views on bp’s YouTube channel and outperformed on social channels (Twitter: 1,500% higher impressions; Facebook: 500% more reach).