Big Bucket

Big Bucket


KFC Have been a long-standing Major Partner of the National Rugby League (NRL). Whilst the NRL is a cluttered space consisting of many visible partners and brands, Prism S+E were tasked with the role in leveraging KFC’s at-match entitlements such as in-stadium activation rights to cut through the noise and maximise ownership as a brand.

The result was in a 6-meter high KFC Big Bucket structure that doubled as a fully catered hospitality space for winners of a consumer competition to attend the State of Origin, game 2 in Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium. Not only did this approach succeed in dominating KFC’s in stadium presence, it delivered extremely high media QI value, tactically ambushing an exclusive broadcast deal with their direct competitor.






When the season was put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis, markets were unable to fully leverage the content. However, the video has drawn more than 2million organic views on bp’s YouTube channel and outperformed on social channels (Twitter: 1,500% higher impressions; Facebook: 500% more reach).