Unlock Your City

Unlock Your City

Unlock Your City

The Unlock Your City campaign was developed to engage with a creatively driven audience and build a deeper connections. Celebrating and inspiring urban subcultures across the UK, we collaborated with a new breed of cutting-edge creators from the worlds of music, fashion and art, giving them a platform to share their passion, tell their stories and unleash the power of their creativity. From reviving creative spaces and venues to commissioning new art, we joined forces with partners such as Boiler Room, Cloud X, Northern Fashion Week and several of the country’s biggest festivals, arenas and nightclubs. Cities became a canvas to create, and collaborations became a voice for the next generation.



Mural Artists

Every city is a canvas. Unlock Your City prides itself in bringing creators together for maximum impact. From unearthing Birmingham native Gent48 for a revamp of the Mill, to Angry Dan adding flavour to historic Bush Hall, and Dave Bonzai giving XOYO that extra edge, there is nothing more satisfying than blending music and art.





Working with up and coming creators from the fashion, art and design spaces, we created a range of personalised items as well as merchandise items, which were retailed, and chosen for by the artists we worked with. UYC x U is a personalisation campaign for UYC that celebrates the multifaceted and multidimensional personalities of our Creative Class audience.


Sadie Williams



Nick Wakeling




Northern Fashion Week

Identifying and supporting young talent is Unlock Your City’s raison d’être. To celebrate the growing fashion scene in an area bursting with the latest trends, UYC partnered up with the very first edition of Northern Fashion Week in Manchester. Giving a platform to young designers to showcase their work whilst also supporting an exciting new venture.



As part of UYC media partnerships of 2022, Prism S + E’s involvement included the main processes of talent selection, photography and social presence.


The media outlet was utilsied to showcase Unlock Your Citys local talent through indepth interviews with 3 chosen designers from 2021 campaing; Taya Francis, Tara Hakin and Adam Jones.


The feature was published to bring awareness to the UYC campaign and to inspire exisiting and potential creators. The issue was distributed in print to over 20,000 consumers with online monthly readership average of 41,500.