Love The Unexpected

Love The Unexpected


Leveraging the McLaren Formula 1 Team partnership to drive Global awareness of the VELO brand, we connected and engaged with VELO’s ambitious adventurer audience and F1 fans alike. The ‘Love the Unexpected’ campaign produced content that unearthed and celebrated unique and unexpected motorsport fandom from across the racing world. Going beyond the predictable in search of the most unique and original stories. Stimulating curiosity and fuelling our fans appetite for a more exciting life and getting more out of their love of motorsport. We created a campaign that saw the exhilarating world of racing and the McLaren F1 Team through their eyes. Rewarding their passion and fandom with personalised experiences that went beyond the norm, creating unexpected and unforgettable fan moments with the McLaren F1 Team.


Episode 1: Alex Crees




Episode 2: Matt Poat


Leverage the McLaren partnership to drive Global awareness of Velo, connecting with and engaging audiences around the world.


Prism S + E set out to excite and reward fans by unlocking new perspectives on F1. Instead of focusing on the team or drivers, Velo turned the lens on the fans, delivering wonderful and unexpected experiences that help them get more out of their passion.​
Prism S + E produced the LTU Platform Launch Film and the first 2 Episodes of the Love The Unexpected Fan Documentary Series on top of creating the design for the ‘LOVE’ branding on the McLaren F1 car at the Dutch GP.


In the early stages; (July-November across 28 social posts on IG an YT)
– Campaign reach, 26.1m
– Over 1m views across YT and Instagram (Love livery and Ep1+2 of Fan Docu Series)