Driven By Change

Driven By Change


Driven by Change is a unique platform that champions underrepresented creators, allowing them to showcase their work on a global stage through the VUSE and McLaren Formula 1 Team partnership. Through this platform Prism has delivered a content campaign that profiles various creators; This includes Colombian muralist DAST and his McLaren-inspired mural at the Monaco Grand Prix and Mexican artist Luis Pablo and his Alebrijes inspired Giant kiwi celebrating the Mexican Grand Prix and the McLaren Formula 1 Team’s historic Speedy Kiwi emblem.




Luis Pablo: Episode 1



Luis Pablo: Episode 2



Dast: Episode 1


Dast: Episode 2


Aston Martin tasked Prism with developing the DBX 707 campaign plan, covering tease, launch, post-launch, retail-launch and sustain phases. This included the development of the assets as well as the creative strategy and creative direction behind the campaign. ​


CAMPAIGN: A NEW SEAT OF POWER: Driving DBX 707 is an extremely sensorial and exhilarating experience. The car’s power, luxury and overall intensity build towards the creative direction of A NEW SEAT OF POWER.

The creative treatments behind the campaign aim to immerse our audience in this world, and show what it would feel like to drive the most powerful luxury SUV in the word.


MAGNETISM – SENSORIAL TREATMENTS: Aston Martin means a unique magnetism that goes deeper…right into your soul. For this campaign we used multiple treatments created a visual representation of DBX707 magnetic pull and power, immersing our audience into its world. (e.g. lighting, camera movement, texture, visual effect, etc.)

COLOUR PALETTE: DBX 707’s Santorini blue colour, is complemented by deep green hues as a reflection of the Aston Martin brand. As they’re complementary hues of the colour wheel, the contrast is visually balanced, as well as harmonious.

SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC: The music and sound design were a bespoke composition for this campaign. The overall pace and menacing tone, symbolise the car’s power and dominance within the category. An aggressive, yet sophisticated composition, where the engine sound was highlighted as the sonic crown jewel.

Prism pulled together the tone and messaging as part of the creative direction for DBX707 based on the product identity, supplied by Aston Martin. This then drove the strategy and content that was created for the campaign. The main campaign was built around ‘A new seat of power’ which was showcased in the hero film.


Total social reach of the DBX707 launch campaign was 11m. Views of the launch event itself reached just over half a million, a +102% increase on the 2019 launch More than 35,000 users from social landed on the DBX707 website or configurator during the tease and launch campaign. The launch period saw Aston Martin’s social audience grow by 0.4% (+70k followers).