Driven By Inspiration

Driven By Inspiration


As a specialist sport marketing agency, Prism S+E were responsible for negotiating and overseeing
the sponsorship of the McLaren Formula 1 Team for BAT’s brands VUSE, VELO and Glo.

For VUSE x McLaren Formula 1 Team, we originated the creative partnership platform and
unifying message ‘Driven By Inspiration’. Through our communications messaging strategy, and the partnership global toolkit roll-out, we reflected the common vision and principles that was shared
by both partners. Bringing together the attitude and emotional spaces of the racing team and VUSE’s
audience the creative class. ‘Driven By Inspiration’ was the overarching partnership platform
that led all communications and was the precursor and inspiration behind the development
of further programmes and activation platforms including Driven By Change.




PUMA now has a balanced approach to sports marketing, based on our insights.