Aston Martin

DBX Launch

About the project:

Aston Martin Lagonda challenged Prism with ‘the most important launch for the brand to date’; teasing the release of a new car and developing the film and photography revealing DBX. There were multiple challenges to consider: The SUV is a new category for the brand; not only did we have to increase brand awareness and engage our current audience, by providing assurance that the DBX had the same luxury and handling ability as its Aston Martin siblings, but also attract a new type of customer. The primary KPIs for the DBX campaign were reach, exposure, visibility and engagements. These shaped our approach and style tremendously.


Defining the Car’s Character

We built a customer profile and created a framework around the key DBX messages; indulgence of every Aston Martin, the confidence of an SUV, and the exhilaration of a sports car. From there we developed both a tease and an unveil campaign which included a series of assets. The creative direction of the campaign was designed to communicate DBX’s character at the forefront, building desire and engaging the viewer in mind. Red was chosen as the dominant colour, emphasising the passion that is rooted in sports cars as exhilarating as DBX. Teal hues provided contrast and pop of zeal. A crystal X was developed as a supportive icon and symbol of DBX.

It was recurring and familiar, and became a great asset during the tease campaign when we were unable to fully show the car. Neon was used as a lighting motif across the campaign, giving a visually intense glow that translates into a modern and stylised look while reflecting the relentless energy of DBX. The neon light also reflected back on the Crystal X, enabling different levels of visual intensity throughout the campaign. Our DBX release work culminated in the unveiling of the car, which was accompanied by photography, as well as a film made in collaboration with Chinese American director, Daisy Zhou. Her skills and previous work made her a perfect fit for the luxury lifestyle approach we took for this work.


‘Beautiful is Relentless’

More than 2,000 leads were created by the tease campaign. Across all channels we saw: Over 20m Impressions Over 1.3m Engagements 8,626 Link Clicks – this is over double what we would expect to see during a normal week on AML social media channels. The channel with the most Impressions and Engagements was Instagram, as it saw AML’s largest volume of posts and has the greatest audience (with 8.7m followers).

In addition, AML’s Facebook and LinkedIn channels saw the greatest number of link clicks (with over 3k each), which suggests these audiences were potentially more engaged with DBX and wanted to find out more from the Website or Configurator.